Welcome to the 2nd Annual Financial Planning & Analysis Transformation Forum. Our inaugural event this past May was a huge success, highlighting this growing interest within finance departments across industry.

This executive forum gathered 50+ senior leaders from companies like McKesson Corporation, Schneider Electric, Sony Pictures Entertainment, GE Digital, Hewlett-Packard and more who heard about how the FP&A function is shifting from its traditional reporting and budgeting function to a strategic, forward-facing, and mission critical arm of every organization.

Some key takeaways from the event:

  1. FP&A will fail if executed within a vacuum: it’s critical that you perform your due diligence to fully understand the goals, and challenges, of your business partners, for a better handle on the business intelligence FP&A can provide them to succeed in their goals
  2. Our speakers from GE—and graduates of its prestigious Financial Management Program—point to the need to “focus on wing to wing operations, identify business drivers, operational metrics, and set up monitoring rhythm” as key steps to FP&A success
  3. Hiring data scientists is not a fool-proof method to ramp up your FP&A capabilities: you need to distinguish between innate, hard-to-teach, and trainable competencies when hiring finance talent.

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Top Benefits of Attending:


Learn to cultivate a healthy FP&A mindset—what are the opportunities for developing your FP&A team's analytical skills along with a nuanced understanding of end-to-end business processes? Beyond an accounting background, what other skillsets should you recruit for to develop a multi-disciplinary team?


Optimize enterprise performance—move beyond merely monitoring your organization's performance; automate your systems-reporting to improve your responsiveness rate, identify macroeconomic business drivers and how they correlate to leading indicators, articulate the story behind your data, and align business initiatives with meaningful measurements.

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